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Digital Newsletter Sponsorship

Our newsletters are sent out on a weekly schedule to our opt-in member audience. As a sponsor, you will get a 25–35 word description of your company or specific product, company logo, and direct link to your website. You can choose to sponsor all three newsletters in one month for $1,600 or sponsor weekly: 

Newsletter Topics:

Week 1: Materials Evaluation Notification: Goes out to all ASNT members to let them know when the newest issues are live and available on the website. $500 

Week 2: Events and Conferences Update: Sent to all ASNT members, plus more than 21,000 NDT personnel during the second week of the month. You will find all information relating to any upcoming ASNT conference. $800 

Week 3: ASNTNews: Goes out to all ASNT members the third week of the month and contains news and information about ASNT, industry news, member profiles, and more. $500

Ad Size

720 x 75 Banner with 25-35 words

72 DPI 


Rich Media


Video assets can be loaded into the digital edition and displayed as embedded videos or popups.


The lightbox is a popup window that appears over the digital edition when readers click on the specified link. This new feature is designed to keep readers in the digital edition when viewing external website content.

Animation Content

HTML 5 Animation animations can be added to create effects and engagement opportunities within the digital edition. Common use cases include dramatic interactive covers (commonly sponsored by an advertiser) and other transition effects designed to draw the reader’s eye.

Specialty Pages

Interstitial Page - $1000

A popular advertising feature, interstitial pages slide up in front of the reader, requiring the reader to click through in order to access content and can be assigned to any page within an issue. Content can include video, images, or links. Available only to print advertisers. Call or email for availability.

Presentation Page - $750

This premium spot is as valuable as the back cover of your print issue. Viewed first by digital subscribers, this space can be sold to new advertisers or be offered as a digital add-on to existing advertisers. Call or email for availability.

Standard Links Included

Standard links, as printed on the page, are created by default unless specified otherwise: URLs, e-mails, and referring pages (such as, “continued on page X”), Page Indexes, the Table of Contents, and any articles mentioned on the cover that can be tied to an article on the Table of Contents.

Audio and Video Specifications

• The video format required is MP4

• The recommended bitrate is between 300kb/s and 700kb/s

• The recommended height is 600 pixels or smaller to fit most screens (1024 x 600 or smaller)

• The file size must be less than 100 mb and have a play length of 1 second or more

Video options include embedded auto start or click-to-start popup videos within the digital; or links to the external videos that open in another window, leaving the digital edition open in the background for the reader to navigate back to.

Please adhere to any copyright restrictions.

Note: Not all video files play the same. We have plenty of bandwidth for hosting video, however, your customers/readers may not have fast internet connections. There are techniques you can use to down sample the videos you are provided and provide consistency in viewing experience. Things to consider are audio rate, frame rate, and frame size of the video.

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  • Readers buy $1 billion annually in equipment, supplies, and services
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