ASNT Digital

ASNT Website Banner

Immediately capture viewers' attention and increase brand awareness with a banner on our newly redesigned website. Target NDT-specific customers and measure your effectiveness with analytics we provide on a month to month basis.

Prominent - $3,000

Footer - $2,000

Specs: 970 x 250. Must include URL.

Digital Newsletter

Reach the inboxes of more than 36,000 NDT professionals and students.

Advertorial - $1,000

Advertorials complement the newsletter format to mirror editorial articles. Promote details and selling points that you normally couldn't feature in other mediums and build your brand.

Specs: Logo- max 200x200; Word Count- 100 words max; Headline- 10 words max; Photo; URL

*Parts should be sent in pieces for formatting in-house.

Banner - $650-$2,400

Banner ads include a 25-35 word description of your company or specific product, company logo and direct link to your website.


Main Banner: 650 x 100 px   -   $850

Square Banner: 300 x 250 px   -   $650

Newsletter Topics - Our newsletters are sent out on a weekly schedule every month:

Week 1Materials Evaluation Notification: Goes out to all ASNT members to let them know when the newest issue is live and available on the website.

Week 2: Events and Conferences Update: Sent to all ASNT members, plus more than 21,000 NDT personnel. You will find information relating to all upcoming ASNT conferences, events and important happenings.

Week 3: ASNTNews: Goes out to all ASNT members, plus more than 21,000 NDT personnel, and contains news and information about ASNT, industry news, member profiles and more.

Materials Evaluation and The NDT Technician            Digital Editions

Get bonus exposure with a digitally enhanced ad placement. This multimedia approach lets you track your advertisement's engagement while meeting your customers where they are - online.

Interstitial Page - $1,500

This ad slides up in front of the reader, requiring them to click through in order to access content. Interstitial pages can be placed on any page within the issue and video can be added.

Presentation Page - $750

Viewed first by readers, even before they log in, place your full-page ad opposite the front cover. Video can be added to this page. Only one space available per issue.

Skyscraper Ad - $600-$1,000

Place a vertical banner along the left-hand side of all pages, or chose to have one on each side. *Appears on desktop version only.

Specs: 120 x 600. Must include URL.

Presentation Plus - $1,500

Combine a presentation page with skyscraper banners for ultimate exposure.

Video Ad-On - $600

Video can be loaded into the digital edition and displayed as embedded auto-start videos, click-to-start pop-up videos or links to external videos that open in a new window.

Audio and Video Specification

•     The video format required is MP4.

•     The recommended bitrate is between 300kb/s and 700kb/s.

•     The recommended height is 600 pixels or smaller to fit most screens (1024 x 600 or smaller).

•     The file size must be less than 100 mb and have a play length of 1 second or more.

•     Links will be set up over preexisting text or images (they are transparent).

•     Auto play requires a video to upload and cannot be too big.

* Please adhere to any copyright restrictions.

Note: Not all video files play the same. We have plenty of bandwidth for hosting video, however, your customers/readers may not have fast internet connections. There are techniques you can use to down sample the videos you are provided and provide consistency in viewing experience. Things to consider are audio rate, frame rate, and frame size of the video.

Why advertise in ASNT Digital?

  • Reach more than 16,000 members
  • ‍83% of readers are involved in purchasing decisions 
  • Readers buy $1 billion annually in equipment, supplies, and services
  • Only periodical of its kind—and available in over 90 nations!
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